satsuki replied to your post: it’s weird how so many mothers of blog…

you’re going to be a mother of a blogger

it’s weird how so many mothers of bloggers on this site know of my existence


first date question: how do u feel about the superhuman registration act

what’s with the ac3 graphics why does the average character look like it was made in 2006

ooh the ac3 intro is cool

maccas is a slur

what if i changed my url



university has made my diet like…..really….bad….

i love those reeses fast break bars like i want them in my figurative pussy and eventually my real one

do i start ac3 idk what to do with my night

i laugh when i think about how colby o’donis appeared on just dance as like a favour to gaga or whatever
and now….

Enjoy The Silence
Depeche Mode
14,107 plays

wifigirl2080 work!!!!